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Barb lives in Southern Wisconsin along with her family and horse Lakota. Barb’s path has been focused on bringing health and vitality to all beings through her work as a Facilitator of Healing. Barb began her work with the various health challenges of her dogs Sami & KC, and continued with her horse Brahmi. Each healing crises brought an opportunity for gaining more knowledge on modalities to facilitate healing.

Barb developed her own unique ability to combine these modalities into individualized sessions for the client, through the use of intuitive interpretation. This combination of modalities evolved into SYNERGISTIC BODYWORK, creating a synergistic healing effect in all Four Bodies: Spiritual, Mental, Emotional, Physical.

Barb holds the intention for Continuing Education the completion of the CranioSacral Certification through Upledger. This certification is a step beyond courses currently taken for both people and horses. Goals for future Continuing Education includes; the Anatomy Trains (Thomas Meyers) courses  in Myofascial Release, and courses in Visceral (Upledger) and abdominal massage (Arvigo Maya Massage).

Barb offers clinics and classes as well as  instruction in her bodywork sessions, advocating that we all are Facilitators of Healing. It is our ability using our innate wisdom to create health and well being with in ourselves and each other. We do this with our Touch, Intention and Focus.

“Barb is a masterful healer. Her understanding of the equine and canine structures combined with her intuitive skills create a most effective formula for healing. Animals respond to her touch with appreciation and love. I highly recommend her to help animals with pain and movement issues as well as behavioral problems.” 
Karen Braun, Owner/teacher Anam Cara School of Equine Massage


June 28, 1997-December 27, 2013Brahmi
June 28, 1997-December 27, 2013

                 “True Love is the recognition of the formless in the other…”                    Eckhart Tolle

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