Session Fee


Single Sessions:
$70  Initial Bodywork Session (45 min)
$45  Bodywork Session (30 min)
$45  Distance Healing Session

$90 In Home 1 hour appointments

Discounted Packages: May be used in combination with Equine.

$120    3-30 minute Bodywork Sessions
$120    3-Distance Healing Sessions

15 minute Hands on Healing: $25

Monthly Group Distance Healing: $5.00 per person or animal companion



24 Hour Cancellation policy. If you are unable to make your appointment a Distance session may be scheduled in place of an in person. Any cancelled appointments without 24 Hour notice will become a Distance Session in lieu of an in person and regular fee is due.

Always consult a veterinarian before beginning any bodywork.

Barb has done several distance Frita_Holly_WebAAhealing sessions and most recently a CranioSacral session on my “foster failure”, a 4 yr old Plott Hound named Frita.  Since acquiring Frita in November of last year, I have struggled with medically treating her for food allergies, Anaplasmosis, Pancreatitis, Addison’s Disease, and Diabetes.  Frita’s head was literally “spinning”.  Barb was able to help balance Frita through CranioSacral, thus helping her to walk straighter and with less head twirling.  The Distance Healing sessions have helped Frita to stay in positive energy so that her body can continue towards better health.  To date we now have the Addison’s under control and her allergies are largely in check.  We continue to seek a balance in controlling the diabetes.  Barb’s healing sessions are invaluable in helping Frita find health and balance.” Holly Beach

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