“Barb has done several distance healing sessions and most recently a CranioSacral session on my “foster failure”, a 4 yr old Plott Hound named Frita.  Since acquiring Frita in November of last year, I have struggled with medically Holly-Beach-AA_dogtreating her for food allergies, Anaplasmosis, Pancreatitis, Addison’s Disease, and Diabetes.  Frita’s head was literally “spinning”.  Barb was able to help balance Frita through CranioSacral, thus helping her to walk straighter and with less head twirling.  The Distance Healing sessions have helped Frita to stay in positive energy so that her body can continue towards better health.  To date we now have the Addison’s under control and her allergies are largely in check.  We continue to seek a balance in controlling the diabetes.  Barb’s healing sessions are invaluable in helping Frita find health and balance. “   Holly Beach

“Yesterday Frita had her second (but more intense) CranioSacral session with Barb.  Frita has had intense itching from allergies, but I also felt the itching came from deeper within as she would become frantic, trying to itch at her eyes and mouth.  Barb confirmed that the itching was deeper than her skin and believed it to be a condition called nerve entanglement. Last night after her session, Frita was itching less and had her most quiet night ever!  And upon awakening, hardly scratched at all.  I was also able to remove her “itching cone” for most of the night.  I am thrilled!” Holly Beach

“I would like to make a  recommendation for Barb Riffle. Barb has worked on my miniature dachshund and  I am very happy with the work Barb has done.  AaronMy dog had back surgery and when he came home he had a very sore throat due to having a tube down his throat for such a long period of time. He was coughing continually and would not eat or drink. Barb came and worked on his  throat and within a few minutes he no longer was coughing . He started eating  and drinking and feeling much better. Barb also worked on his back. After the surgery his back was twisted into the shape of an S when viewed from the top and he had a hump in his back when viewed from the side. Barb came and worked   on his back three or four times. Within two sessions they S shape was totally gone from his back. In one more session the hump was gone. Barb made a big difference in the recovery of my dog. I would recommend her highly for anyone who needs help with their animal.”

 “He is doing fine so far. No coughing and he recovered faster than usual from the anesthetic. He also didn’t fuss at the vets and cry like he usually does. They said he was very quiet. So it worked! He did bark when he heard me talking in the reception area so he was with it just being good.” Betty Burgess

Crush                                                                                                                                           MACH Hob Nob Steam Roller (Crush) MGJ, MX,MXJ,ONF, CD, RN, AAD, SAM, SJ, SG, TM-Bronze, TN-O, WV-N   Shawna_003

“Barb just wanted to let you know Crush looked GREAT
today in practice and was lengthening beautifully!
THANK YOU!”  Shawna Richgel, Agility trainer

Shawna_002 Shawna_001 Shawna_004 Shawna_005

A Few Words to Share How Much Barb Riffle’s Intuitive Body Healing Work is Appreciated. Ripp_001

“Over a year and a half ago, my very special canine friend, Ripp, began slowly losing control of his left hind leg and showed general signs of weakening in his rear end.  I was very fortunate to find a caring team of people to help determine what might be going on and to help me manage or cure his condition. We now know after lots of diagnostics and consultations that he has the symptoms of degenerative myelopathy, a disease that can be managed but will progress and is not curable.

I have known Barb for several years and she has done some very beneficial body work and my horses and some helpful EMF work on me.  When I told Barb what was going on with Ripp, who is often in the barn with me when she works on horses, she stepped up and began using her integrated body work knowledge with Ripp.  Her intuitive feel and skilled work made an immediate positive and helpful connection with Ripp.  She now works with him on a regular basis making a big difference in the quality of his life, his comfort, and his movement.  She has been tremendous support for both him and me.  He loves her visits!  Barb has a very nice way of working which gives him the confidence and encourages the relaxation allowing him to get the max out of his body work sessions.  As an added plus, she has given me great suggestions and techniques to support him between sessions.

Ripp is now 9 years old.  He is a very alert working type dog with a very sharp mind.  He’s seems content in his current life, and is quickly adjusting to the recent addition of a Doggon Wheels Chair which allows him to participate in life, watching his farm, retrieving things, keeping an eye on his humans ,and moving much more quickly and confidently.  It seems he now has a future which includes fun, new friends, and his treasured body work.

Barb is an avid learner and teacher.  I am so glad that she is sharing her continuous journey of learning, giving, and healing, with me and many others. She is a gift to the animals and people whose lives she touches.”

Thank you Barb!

Ann Schedel
Schedel Farm Quarter Horses

Brandy                                                                                                                                                “Thank you for checking in on us. Brandy’s health was exactly what you predicted. He was feeling horrid until Wednesday morning after our session and then – exactly on schedule he started to have normal stools and was feeling like his old self.   We changed his food to Hills ZD dry and canned, put him on Pepcid AC for ulcer, and continued the cyclosporine at 50 mg daily.  Thanks for checking in, you were a big help. Maybe we can get Brandy feeling better.“  Kathy Buss

Brandy photo framed“Brandy during his  session laid down to receive healing, which was uncharacteristic of him to be so quiet. During the session he got up, went out for a quick potty break and came back in, and laid down to continue the session in the same location.” Barb



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