Distance Healing

Distance Healing is offered at an economical value to benefit my regular clients through two options. A Monthly Group Distance Healing Session, or through a Private Distance Healing Session. This will raise the vibrational frequency of the energetic body. That will bring balance to the physical, mental, and emotional bodies as an awareness of increased Joy, Peace, Love, Clarity, Gratitude, Ease, Equanimity, and Happiness.  As we bring more of our Spirit or Soul present, our physical body will show the truth of this with the benefits of increased Health and Well Being.

We are spiritual beings living a physical life.

By staying in alignment, grounded, and connected to Source (ie. God, All That Is, Creator) I hold space for whatever intentions your higher self may hold. Each Distance Healing Session is different, but the same intention of accessing the quiet space, or gap, where healing occurs is the focus of my session. At times I may see, feel, or experience more information that helps fine tune my focus or follow the flow of energy through visualization. This is always done through my own perception and may not be what individuals perceive as their own truth. Just as in our physical world we all see with different vision and through our own unique and individual belief system  hold our own truths.

How does Distance Healing Work? 

Just as in talking on cell phones, watching satellite TV, or listening to the radio, Distance Healing works on the same principles.  I work by ​Facilitating or Channeling healing to the person/animal that is the focus of my intention. I think of it as opening a door, and how much I stay in alignment and hold my intention and focus is how much energy I can allow to channel to the receiver. I am a Facilitator of what your intentions are. It is not my own personal energy, and it is directed by the person/animal through their own desires. So Ask and you will Receive. Working in a group amplifies the energy and my ability to do so. 

“One who is connected to the Energy Stream is more powerful than a million who are not. And two who are harmoniously focused and connected to the Energy Stream brings about a co-creative endeavor that cannot be matched by anything else in all of the Universe.” Abraham Hicks

A Private Distance Healing Session can be scheduled for times that you cannot be present with your animal or loved one due to travel or work commitments, or hands on healing is not an option. Scheduling Distance Healing to help support the person/animal while undergoing surgery or routine health procedures is highly recommended.  At times when our spiritual, mental, or emotional state is unsettled it shows up within the body as Dis-Ease with the resulting physical symptoms occurring.                                                     (See more about Reiki  http://barbarariffle.com/human-services/reiki/)

Join the Monthly Group Distance Healing Session at the economical value of $5.00 per person or animal. This is highly beneficial when working with a group or family, so that all can be included amplifying the CoCreative Intention.

My intention and Focus for the Monthly Group Distance Healing Session is to gather together a group of people and animals, Asking to Receive their own individual intentions and desires, helping to manifest their own highest potential.

Participants are not physically present; this is a session that is done remotely. I do need the permission of the owner or the people who are participating. I will need photos of any person/animal ​for my records. Relatives or deceased loved ones are welcome to join.

Session Fee:

Private Distance Healing: Single session-$45 or package of 3/$120

Monthly Group Distance Healing: $5.00

See Testimonials for more information on the benefits of Distance Healing.

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