Distance with Certified Therapy Animals

The following is an example of two Distance Sessions with two mini horses. The owner asked that I help her mini horses overcome their fear of new mini donkeys and later with new cows. Both minis are Certified Therapy Animals visiting retirement centers and other events. They have been trained to handle different circumstances, so this was an odd occurrence. Betty took photos following the Distance session, the donkeys photo was taken about ½ hour following. Betty did not know when I did the distance session just happened to take the photos and sent them to me.

Hi Betty,

I easily saw both horses’ faces during the session in an energy shape and form, each head different angle and color. I had asked them to overcome their fears and senses that were just being triggered by smell and to check out the donkeys. To be open to new things in the Universe, as when they go out to do visits. I pictured they had leather on their feet, like a Buddhist saying that you can go out in the world and not be effected by anything  if you cover your feet in leather. So I pictured they were safe, not threatened and feet covered with leather, first chakra work basically. Kyle was more in the forefront of the session; I also worked with his third eye as well to be sure that was open. I felt Rosie’s front teeth may need to be balanced or the bite not exactly right, but not bad, wonder if with stress she holds jaw different and it is not aligned right. 

At the end I actually saw in Technicolor like I was there the area leading out to the pasture, tall buildings to my left, and a tall white pole, it was like the edges were waving as a window opened and I could see there. I asked them to go up see the donkeys and be the fearless ones. That the Universe was all around them and they could be safe wherever they are.

So glad this went well!


Burgess Minis_003 Burgess Mini Donkeys

Kyle and Rose went to the donkeys on their own the other horses were too afraid and didn’t follow them. They went by themselves. Very brave. I was so proud of them. Betty Burgess


That is EXACTLY what  I asked them to do and I saw their heads reaching out to touch the donkeys, I saw Kyle’s from one angle and Rosie from another angle. And I saw in full vivid Technicolor of the pasture and a building and large white pole and that they should come down and see the donkeys. This is probably the second time I saw vivid like I was present looking through their eyes.  After I saw their heads in energy fluid waves reaching out smelling.


This next Distance session was when new cows came to their stable. Betty again took a photo following the session; though she did not know the time I had done the session.

Hi Betty, 

I saw both of them together and then just Rosie. Rosie came in first. She would not do the session with Kyle. Turns out he did not want to talk about the cows.  

She felt large round, and her legs were beneath her and tiny. I felt that her weight was creating some stress on her limbs. I had left shoulder joint and the top of the right shoulder, scapula, and her left transverse abs in front of the hip joint. She sent her right shoulder when during the part with the cows I asked her to listen to you about the cows. I felt this right shoulder had to do with her harness or do you have a special harness that goes over her shoulders when you visit? Do you have both of them harnessed together to drive? I also had her right TMJ, with the upper back tooth on the right.  I cleared these areas until I felt her body was less round, and she was standing with her legs further apart and relaxed.  

When I asked about the cows she said they smelled different in their body gas associated with the 4 stomachs. She layered the information with the other cows don’t smell that way, I said the new ones will when they eat the same food and the other cows smelled different too when they came, that she eats similar food. She sent that they have different stomachs and they are not like the donkeys who had similar stomach as she does. She also showed me a plain white face and that with her vision that looks odd compared to other animals, this was when I sent her that there is many different animals that all smell, act and behave different. But I saw that it was with something on how a horse sees colors or certain colors. Like maybe the red color of their body is just not visible so this white face floats up suddenly or something.  

Nice column of energy surrounded her whole body like a cylinder and I focused on her endocrine system, glands, and down regulating her sympathetic system b/c of the stress of the cows. During that is when she showed me her right TMJ. By the end she felt again still smaller more quiet and I did not sense any of those areas.  

Kyle very much wanted an energy session. He did not want to discuss the cows, he took advantage of the session so he could just channel immediately and at a very open huge download of source energy in his head, then his throat, then chest. These are the upper chakras, (the lower 3 work together as does the upper 4) and that is where the energy stayed focused, though his entire body was filled with light. His brain/head felt like it had evolved since last time I had worked with him and when I asked why I felt it was because of Betty’s mind and work with his tricks. I asked about the cows, he didn’t seem interested in discussing. I suggested he talk with the cows as someone new to interact with. It seemed like his objections to the cows was more on the principle of them there, so he reacted but didn’t have any real reason why. He very definitely knows his mind, and he was more interested in just staying in the channel and receiving.  

Let me know if they do as well as they did with the donkeys. 


Burgess Cow Mini_001

Hi it was amazing! I went out today and the cow was standing right at the gate where I turn Kyle and Rosie out. I led Kyle up and he was very calm even reaching out to smell the Cow. I opened the gate and he calmly walked past the cow and stopped right behind it and sniffed the ground ignoring the cow. He waited there until I got Rose. Rose waked up calmly and walked in past the cow quietly. They both stood there for a minute and then walked off together no excitement. The cow was no big deal anymore. I am amazed I no longer have to worry about them knocking me down to get away from the cow. Thank you! Betty Burgess

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