Distance Testimonials

 Excerpt from Caryn’s Private Distance session                     Caryn’s lotus flower
Caryn-photo_preview_featuredI immediately saw you looking at a huge glowing lotus flower. Your face glowing from the light like one of those fairy paintings looking at flowers. As I hurried to get through my opening which is calling my guides and circling you with light, you became more intense with so much joy looking at the lotus flower. This flower represents your 7th chakra or Wisdom, top of head, I felt due to the many petals. Each of the chakra’s has a lotus flower with different number of petals.”  Barb  

“Barb has such phenomenal talent.  Her STRONG healing energy has helped me heal not only emotionally but spiritually.  Barb even saw the lotus flower I had created on a 3D printer!”
Caryn K. 

“On Friday my mom and I noticed that our beloved CarrieS_Patty_ShowPicFramed“senior” mare’s eye was draining profusely and was extremely irritated and swollen mostly shut. It turns out that her eye has been doing this for several summers in a row now and we’ve merely pinned it as allergies. I called Barb in a panic hoping she could tell me what’s wrong. Instead of just stepping into the situation and finding what the problem was, she worked at healing the issue. Not only did Patty’s eye look much improved within the hour, but her draining and irritation has disappeared altogether. My mom was really surprised to see that the eye wasn’t draining any longer and she had her eye exposed much more as the swelling had gone down and allowed for her to open it more. This was AMAZING work. Thank you so much Barb, I wish I had your gift. But since I don’t, I’m glad I’ve found you to help me and my animals.Carrie Waters Schmidt

Carson  After you talked with him, he came home and ate his food for the first time in days!” Sue Moran                      

indexcarson 2carson

Holly-Beach-BB_horse Victor “He was sound – very soft looking and reaching well. Even his coat looked more dappled and shiny. I noticed that his “poll bumps” were very soft even when his neck was in the “giraffe” position. Thank you for your energy work with him. He seemed so happy and content tonight. ” Holly Beach

Aaron-Reverse coughing with Dental Procedures

 “He is doing fine so far. No coughing and he recovered faster than usual from the anesthetic. He also didn’t fuss at the vets and cry like he usually does. They said he was very quiet. So it worked! He did bark when he heard me talking in the reception area so he was with it just being good.” Betty Burgess


PT & Franklin“Barb is a treasure in my life.  She has cared for me, my two horses and cat for number of years.  My focus with this testimonial is my cat named  PT, who I believe was “sent” to me about ten years ago during a difficult time in my life.  Since a kitten he has had multiple life threatening health issues. Currently he requires sliding scale insulin twice daily.  Given his fragile health he can become ill very fast.  Barb has answered many of my panic calls and intervened with her amazing intuition and distance healing energy. I also use Barb’s distance work while I am on vacation as a preventative measure as PT has a history of becoming ill when I leave. I can honestly say, with much gratitude and thanks that my cat remains with me due to Barb.”      Judy Wolff



Group Distance Session
“I don’t know if your session had anything to do with this, but Thunder and I had the best ride ever shortly after your session. Wiley was very happy and calm, and although he usually is, he seemed especially interactive.” B.R.

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