“Had an amazing ride on FinnFreidelfinalFinney Beast this morning. Supple supple supple! So much better on his right. I have always believed in you, but I believe in you even more after the ride I had today. You really helped Finn and we had such a lovely, soft, supple ride.” Gwyn Friedl

Socrates                                                                                                                                       “My horse, Socrates, had his first massage on March 20th … Wow! His whole body change shape and his manner transformed immediately. It was nothing short of incredible to watch. His whole body changed and his eye softened. While this was the first ‘live’ work Barb did with Socrates, she had done several distance sessions with him previously. Immediately following one of the sessions my trainer rode Socrates and when I saw him the next day he said, “I don’t know what happened to your horse Laura, but …WOW! … he really came together when I rode him! He was so collected and calm .. we had the best ride! I knew immediately what had happened, of course!  Barb also did a distance communication with Socrates a few months after he came into my life. Reflecting back on that communication which happened a few months ago, I am seeing exactly what Barb described from her communication with him; “I saw him standing beside you with his head and neck very arched his chest expanded and opening up and his neck curved over and looking down at you. That is when I heard the message about how strong you are and how he also can have that shift within even though he feels very sweet and submissive within his being from his previous owners, but with you he can develop more of a arab fire that he has within his being.”  Wow! That is precisely what is happening and I am so amazed and thrilled!” Laura FlanaganSocrates massage 1Socrates massage 3Socrates massage 2

Maggie May
“Thank you Barb for all the healing help you have given Maggie May. It was a painful experience to see her lethargic, lose so much weight and not even want to be touched when diagnosed with an infection in her lungs which progressed to a bacterial infection in her blood. While conventional medicine gave her some relief she only started to make real progress after your healing sessions with her; intuiting what she needed most each session. It has been interesting to see her change from at first being some what fearful of the sessions to Cindy_Web200now enjoying them. For a mare who is fussy about where and how she is touched, she will now show how much she enjoys her sessions. My favorite was the time she went down with her front legs into a deep stretch while you were working on her; like she was telling you how good it felt; you know the how and where. We both appreciate everything you have done to help her heal and all that you continue to do.” C. A.

“Barb is a very gifted Equine Massage Therapist. My horses move better and are more relaxed mentally after they have been worked on. I also appreciate the instruction that I receive Blixtenduring the sessions so that I can continue the bodywork in between their sessions with Barb. Over the months I have learned to feel the difference between a relaxed, functional muscle versus a tight, restricting muscle. This has helped me to “feel” my horses better under saddle – whether they are supple or restricted. “Tight” areas alert me to potential problem areas – such as a developing abscess or too tight of a blanket fit. I’ve also learned that relaxed, supple muscles, make for a relaxed, supple mind”

Victor                                                                                                                                            “He was sound – very soft looking and reaching well. EvenHolly-Beach-BB_horse his coat looked more dappled and shiny. I noticed that his “poll bumps” were very soft even when his neck was in the “giraffe” position. Thank you for your energy work with him. He seemed so happy and content tonight. “ Holly Beach

Zoe                                                                                                                                                     “When Barb Riffle started to work on my Friesian/Thoroughbred mare, Barb immediately noticed that there was a TMJ problem.  The equine dentist found lots to do in there!  Once the teeth were correct, Barb has continued to help the mare release tension throughout her body, from the poll to the tail.  As she wRuth_Hansen_zOEorks deeper and deeper in the horse’s body, it’s as if the connections are cleared up, and the horse is able to understand and respond to cues much more easily.  The flow of movement is smoother, and the work becomes easier.  When my mare can work with a relaxed, supple body, not only are the movements easier for her, but her ability to learn and understand what I’m asking is vastly improved, and she is less emotional under saddle.” Ruth Hansen

Royal                                                                                                                                                          “I own a 17 year old Appendix RoyalBlissRenee92013mare named Royale.
I retired Royale  in August of 2011 due to tripping and poor body balance.  Barb began sessions with her in December of 2012 and we already see amazing changes in Royale’s body. In addition to the visible muscular and structural changes, Royale has regained her zest for life...you can see it in her eyes! With continued progress I hope to be riding her again in the fall.”              THANK YOU BARB!
Renee Kuprianczyk

“I would recommend her to anyone looking to bring balance back to their horse, both mentally and physically.” Laurel Norris

“On Friday my mom and I noticed that our beloved CarrieS_Patty_ShowPicFramed “senior” mare’s eye was draining profusely and was extremely irritated and swollen mostly shut. It turns out that her eye has been doing this for several summers in a row now and we’ve merely pinned it as allergies. I called Barb in a panic hoping she could tell me what’s wrong. Instead of just stepping into the situation and finding what the problem was, she worked at healing the issue. Not only did Patty’s eye look much improved within the hour, but her draining and irritation has disappeared altogether. My mom was really surprised to see that the eye wasn’t draining any longer and she had her eye exposed much more as the swelling had gone down and allowed for her to open it more. This was AMAZING work. Thank you so much Barb, I wish I had your gift. But since I don’t, I’m glad I’ve found you to help me and my animals.” Carrie Waters Schmidt

“I bought my horse when he was 4, he’s now 11. In the beginning I figured his issues were green-broke issues and that he just needed to build Tiger 2_Carrie_Croppedb4_AFTERmuscle and coordination. But as I kept working with him he never improved. Since then I’ve had a litany of professionals work with him (the list includes: massage therapists, balance hoof trimmers, chiropractors, trainers, vets, etc) trying to help diagnose the problem. Of this list I’ve seen the most progress  while Barb has been working with him. We’ve had 5 sessions so far and I can’t believe the improvement. My horse is no longer listing to the left, his body is filling in with muscle and he’s spooking a lot less. I can tell he’s not only improving his outward appearance but also his maturity level as he’s finally able to progress and grow as an animal.”    Carrie Waters Schmidt

In Memory of Tess
“Barb is a natural at what she does. Tess our Standard bred mare took a liking to Barb the first time they met. Tess was challenged with laminitis, a thyroid condition, and arthritis in her hind legs due to a carting accident on the race track many years earlier. I just wanted her to be comfortable in her retirement. When I had Barb come out to do a session with Tess, immediately Barb picked up on Tess’s pain points, by feeling them within her own body. She was right on. As the session continued it was quite amazing how Tess and Barb communicated. How Tess would respond and actually show Barb areas that needed more attention. Barb kept focused on not over doing it in the first session with an older horse, and communicated that to Tess. She was alright with it. What worked best for Tess was the way Barb would blend her skills and talents of Intuitive Guided Reiki and Intuitive Guided Equine Massage throughout the session. By the time Barb felt she had gone far enough Tess’s gait had improved, she was moving and turning well, and even feeling frisky and had more energy. Barb’s session just didn’t end there a couple of days later she called and asked how Tess was doing, if I had noticed any thing different or if I had concerns. Tess was doing very well. The next time I had Barb out I wanted her to work on another one of my horses but Tess made sure Barb took care of her first. I’m sure Barb is special to all of her 4-legged clients; I know she was to Tess.”   Shirley Bircher

Miss Johnnie
“Barb not only helped heal my lovely mare, she also helped me understand how I could apply massage to support the healing process.”

Our first energy session with you was amazing. As we work through my mare Johnnie’s current medical challenges, I had been tired, worried and frustrated. I was amazed by the calming, cleansing and re-energized sense I had from your session. As for my mare, she was a true partner through it all — standing inches from me (and not on a lead) collaborating with my healing. When it was time for her session, I watched as the energy caused her to stretch, chew and relax into a calm, comfortable state. We will continue these healing sessions going forward because I saw real proof of their power.”    Sue Racine

“I highly recommend Barb as an equine massage therapist. I bought my young thoroughbred last year and with his being green and my being a bit on the heavy side, I wanted to be sure that his back stayed healthy. Barb has worked with us to ensure that goal was met. She has also gone beyond that goal to ensure my horse’s overall health. While I am not a “believer” in energy and the healing arts, it has really worked for us. Barb has the patience of a saint with both my horse and me and we would not consider changing anything.” D.K.

moby barnIMG_20141117_DebK_moby_outlnd

“Barb’s work is amazing! Howie, my 6 year old thoroughbred gelding was diagnosed with a soft tissue injury in his neck that resulted in a large lump. My vet and I could not figure out what happened to him, but I suspect he went over backwards while out in his pasture. Barb scanned him and found a problem behind his poll along with the lump on his neck and associated tightness in his opposite hip. IMG_20140906_15SueMoranHowieOtlnBarb focused on the lump in his neck, and the tightness in his hip. She identified that he was experiencing significant pain and had acute trauma to his neck through her own body’s painful reaction to placing her hands over the lump on his neck. As she began using Reiki on his neck, I felt a flood of anxiety in my chest – I knew this was not my anxiety, it was Howie’s. As a psychotherapist, I am familiar with opening myself to other people’s pain, but I have never had that experience with a horse. I realized that Barb opened herself to my horse in much the same way as I do with people. In the session, Barb knew when to work and when to stop with him, and she stuck with him until he relaxed. At the end of the session, the lump in Howie’s neck was completely gone! Howie was visibly relaxed. An hour later, in consultation with Barb, Howie’s chiropractor found he needed to release Howie’s poll, and adjust his neck, wither, sacroiliac joint and sternum. Barb has treated several of my horses, and provided invaluable feedback and support to me and all my horses. Barb’s knowledge, openness, commitment, and ability to doing such powerful healing work is amazing!” S.M.

Gracie & Sebastian
“Barb’s new 30 minute option is a bargain because in my experience, she can evaluateGracie_Sebastian_outlined your horse and give you useful input in five minutes! My equine partner experienced a sudden change in attitude under saddle from fun easy partnership even when the work got harder to crabby unwilling unhappy horse. She was not lame or even slightly off and if I ignored the high drama and “made” her go, she could perform quite well. I didn’t want to venture into traditional medicine without even an obvious symptom so I whined to Barb who took five minutes to identify a tight spot and show me how to feel it myself and how to relieve the tightness. Since then I have carefully monitored the spot and my horse happily plays with me again even when I ask her to do something she thinks is stupid;) We are addicted to our monthly body work sessions but I know that 30 minutes with Barb will make a huge difference to your horse!” B.C.gracie bellysebastianoutline


T “I wanted to thank you so very much for your amazing work with T. It has been a great journey, and I feel like there have been many big “wow” moments along the path. Last session was particularly amazing. T is standing on all 4 legs with great regularity and about ¼ to 1/3 of the upper part of her mane is flipping back over to the right side of her neck. I am feeling very optimistic. Thank You!!!I have been feeling amazing myself.” J

In Memory of Murphy
“What I have learned from Barb is invaluable, and will be Murphy_Framed
used with other horses that I will own in the future as well. She not only helped heal my horse, but also left me with a valuable gift of knowledge. Her patience with me as I came to terms with the severity of Murphy’s illness was paramount; she never pushed, but always supported me and let me know she was there when I was ready to get started. She educated me throughout, 102907-0037so that I could continue the healing in between appointments, which resulted in quicker healing for my horse. Barb has incredible gifts that will help you to heal your horse. I spent thousands of dollars since owning Murphy on this very issue, only to have Barb come and help me in 4 months (we have about 2 more months of fine tuning now), at a fraction of the cost, and with no frustration; we made visible progress with each session! And it’s been a wonderful, fulfilling, inspiring journey for us. Don’t’ do what I did; save yourself some time, money and worry, and save your horse from the pain and discomfort, and have Barb come work with your horse now. You’ll be amazed at the results she gets, and the healing your horse will experience. You may even end up with a horse that you never knew you had..in a great way.”  Anke Johnson

“Barb provides an invaluable service. Ronen_MeganShe has worked on my 12 year old dressage horse for 2 years and I still see a world of change after each session. She is able to adjust to his ever changing needs as we work up the levels. After each session he is more supple in the bridle and feels great under saddle. I would highly recommend Barb to anyone.”                       Megan Nicholson


Beau “Beau is 300% better. This month I decided to once again try to let my 15 yr. old gelding, Beau, go barefoot. His shoes were pulled Thursday. By Friday Beau was stiff, moving slowly and in obvious pain from tender hooves. I was frantic to find any way to bring Beau some comfort and relief. Barb made time for Beau that Saturday morning. By Saturday afternoon Beau was cantering back up the lane to the hill at Vienna. One day later, I was able to take Beau down the blacktop road and through the nearby fields with his friends. Beau is now a new, healthier and happy barefoot buddy. Seeing is believing 🙂 Beau loves Barb and his bodywork sessions.” Mary Lee Millerbefroe BeauBeauLooking Ahead

Dinant “At age 28 years old my horse Dinant was tested and confirmed for Cushing’s disease.  I immediately started him on Prascend per my veterinarian’s recommendation.  Dinant had a terrible reaction to the medicine. He was so stiff that he walked  very  slowly and in pain. He lost his appetite and was depressed. These side effects continued even after I took him off the drug.  Barb has helped Dinant so much.  All his side effects are gone. Also, he  has so much more energy and his  body  is supple and strong.  He wants to trail ride and canter and trot. Downhill, he uses to walk so stiffly that I would zig zag so to help him take the pressure off his hocks.  Now he just walks straight down with a swing in his gait. Cannot say enough good things about Barb.  I have my horse, my partner back.  Does not get better than that for me.” Priscilla Polk

Doll “Just thought I’d let you know that 2 days in a row Doll has been cantering on her right lead. Still need some work but what a great start!!! Thank you for what you do, this horse has been transformed, no more fear in the arena either!!!!!”
Vickie Kneifl

Titan “Barb was recommended to me by friends and to them, as well as to Barb, I am eternally grateful. I have been seeing Barb for several months now. In that time I have gone from feeling like something is missing within me to feeling whole and positive about myself and about my life’s direction. These results happened early on in our sessions and they continue to grow as we work together every month. It is, however, Barb’s results with my horse Titan that are nothing short of phenomenal.
Titan is my big, wonderful, spooky, 12 year-old Percheron. I have owned Titan for 5 years now and, while I love riding him, I have never fully trusted him. Neither have I ever felt truly connected to him. Barb has been working with Titan for a few months now and the change in him and in our partnership is dramatic. Getting Titan from his pasture to the indoor arena has always been a huge problem. He would not want to leave his buddy and if he agreed to that I stood the chance of losing him to a yummy patch of grass or a fun pile of snow. If we made it to the arena he would often break away during longing to buck off his anxiety. After a few sessions with Barb, Titan follows me anywhere, into the barn, past yummy things, and even past scary things. This is amazing! Titan and I are starting to feel like working partners for the first time ever. I always wanted to kiss Titan after a nice ride or just to say hi but he would always turn his head away. In our second session with Barb Titan not only kissed me, but reached his big head around me and hugged me. He is truly a different horse. I have great confidence in us together as a riding team and I look forward to every ride with an eager anticipation replacing the old dread of what might go wrong.” Kim Hokaj157475

Freya                                                                                                                                                 “I was first introduced to Barb by a fellow boarder at my barn after nearly ending up in tears from another frustrating ride with my horse, Freya, and ready to give up on riding her completely. Freya’s issues under saddle soon became apparent after buying her and starting to ask her to do Dressage work. My confidence in my riding abilities plummeted, and any plans went with them. Freya was stiff as a board, crooked, couldn’t bend, didn’t want to go forward, could barely trot a 10 meter circle, turn on the center line (so much for showing!) or do any lateral work without extreme difficulty. When asked to work on more rein contact, she quickly developed head tossing, teeth grinding, tension, bucking at the canter, and a horrible attitude under saddle. Even though Freya could be a sweetheart at times when she wasn’t being ridden, most of the time she was grouchy, crabby, and nasty, and it only got worse. Even though I was told by others that “it’s just her”, or “she’s lazy and doesn’t want to work”, or “she’s just being a mare”, I relentlessly pursued finding out why she had these issues, convinced that their was a physical reason. As it turns out, I was right. She had EPSM, (a metabolic disorder that affects the horses muscles) and TMJ syndrome from her teeth being unbalanced. (which affects horses as well as humans, causing chronic pain, tension, and headaches) Both of which she had probably suffered from for years before I bought her. Now that you have the back story, this is where Barb comes in! Barb’s first session with Freya was very enlightening. She was able to immediately identify Freya’s issues within a few minutes, simply from going over her body. I had used other equine massage therapists for Freya before, but none had been as intuitive, or had a much success as she did. I was extremely impressed by her incredible knowledge of horse anatomy and musculature, and her education in many different body work techniques. When I began working with her, I already knew about Freya’s EPSM, but I still had most of the same issues even with it under control. Barb noticed that Freya had tension around her TMJ area, and how it radiated into the muscles of her neck, chest, shoulders, and girth area, leading to me to having her diagnosed with this condition by a vet. I believe her body work and massage is what gave Freya the only real relief she had before her diagnosis, and now continues to play a significant role in helping her improve. I noticed a big difference in Freya’s movement, forwardness, and suppleness when ridden after our last session, and continue to see her get better. I hope this testimonial gives you an idea of how grateful I am to Barb for helping me realize how important massage and body work are to solving riding problems, keeping horses comfortable, helping resolve damage from past injuries or health conditions, and also for helping Freya to really become the sweet horse and ideal riding partner that she was meant to be. I plan to continue on working with Barb in the future, and would recommend her to anyone who wants to see improvement in their horses, or has struggled with helping their horses overcome the effects of physical issues like I have.” D.D.

“Barb is great at gettingOzzie_LauraV to the root of the issue quickly, and getting the results we need to keep my horse moving correctly.” “Barb did an initial assessment and recommended 3 sessions over 6 weeks. That was all it took to get us back on track, and in the ribbons.”          Laura Voll

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