EMF Balancing

Electromagnetic Field Balancing Technique:

The Universal Calibration System

EMF Balancing clears & balances the Chakras and the Endocrine system.

The EMF Balancing Technique® is the first of the new energy methods using the Universal Calibration Lattice® (UCL), an evolutionary system in the human energy anatomy. It is an interdimensional process that calibrates the connection of your personal UCL with that of the Matrix, or Cosmic Lattice. Each phase utilizes specific templates of sacred geometry, and in the same way that electrical circuits are rewired to allow for higher voltages, your system is rewired to allow more of your Infinite Self to flow through you. Each of the Phases works within your energy system as if you were building a house. It starts with the foundation and moves up from there creating a total energetic clearing and realignment through a series of healing sessions called Phases. 

The following link is the website that describes EMF Balancing.
Peggy Phoenix Dubro is the founder.

The following link is a YouTube of your Universal Calibration Lattice, your energy system which is the focus during the Electromagnetic Field Balancing session. www.youtube.com/watch?v=xCArQaYWJf4

EMF Sessions:

The first initial EMF Session is 1 ½ hours, and may include a combination of the following services: 

~Phase I & II are combined to clear and balance all 7 Chakras, Balancing the Heart & Mind, clearing restrictions of the spine and back. (See below for more information)            ~ CranioSacral Services depending on the individual needs of the client, targeting key areas.                                                                                                                                                    ~Reiki Healing Energy directed by the client’s higher self.

Following services may be scheduled for 1 hour or 1 ½ sessions and may include: 

~Continuing with the remaining Phases of the EMF Balancing Technique                       ~CranioSacral Services                                                                                                                    ~Reiki

Four Phases of EMF Balancing Technique:             

 Phase I: Intention is to Balance the Heart and Mind. To think with our Heart and Feel with our Mind. To balance the feminine and the masculine within ourselves. The mind
is masculine and the heart is feminine.
(Helps balance emotional and mental states)

Phase II: Intention is to be Self Supporting and Self Directing. So our History supports us and not an anchor dragging us down. Reclaiming lost energy to past trauma and dramas, and no longer attracting that same story in our lives.
(Clears out restrictions in the back and spine, releases charges around old events and strengthens the Core, less feeling of being burdened)

Phase III: Intention is for Unification of the Chakra system. To Be in our Core, our NOW. Our Core is our most important part of our Energy Posture to utilize. Our major energy centers were cleared in Phase I & II and Phase III is our minor energy centers, our joints. “It is not the mountain that will wear you down but the grain of sand in your shoe.”
(Helps with joint issues, living in your NOW fully present)

Phase IV: Intention is about our Personal Potential. To release that which manifests as fear and worry over what is to come, and to activate what we want to create by planting seeds in the Field of Potential, but live in the NOW. So being in the Present or NOW, and planting your seeds in your future (potential), and as you live your life you move into that Field of Potential where your seeds have taken root and flourished.
“Happy with what is and eager for more” Abraham Hicks.                                                    
(Manifest more of what you want in life)

The “Works”: After completing the four Phases, this is a combination session that brings in all four Phases into one session to balance, support, unify, and release your full potential in life. As you go about living a full life, events and traumas happen! This combination session combines all four Phases to keep your total Lattice energy system clear and helping you move forward in life creating and manifesting the life your soul intended for you when you started your journey on Earth.
(Move forward in life creating and manifesting your full Potential)

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