Read the Inspirational stories of what Barb’s clients have shared on their experiences in healing sessions for their animals and themselves.

Yamuna Body Rolling/Yoga Instructor                                                                       “Barb Riffle is a miracle worker – for both human and horse! I was first gifted with her work after my cancer diagnosis. She brought me into balance before and after my surgery in the most amazing way… I am so blessed to know this incredible woman. Whether you own a horse, or just want healing within your own physical, emotional, spiritual body you must see her! Thank you so much Barb!”

“I can not stop talking about you and my amazing experience with you. I am so glad you have such amazing talent and that you could feel me move right through my experience. That is just how it felt. Today I am not taking pain meds and I feel amazingly good! Your work was so powerful and life changing for me and I can’t wait to go through next phases.”   Laura Flanagan, (Flanayoga)

Five years ago I was diagnosed with severe spinal stenosis so I researched a variety of wellness options to help relieve pain and improve my overall wellness.  Barb provides very targeted massage, cranial sacral and energy work that is extremely helpful.  With her assistance, I am able to enjoy a higher level of activity with less pain day to day. I look forward to my visits with Barb because I know that I feel better after every session.  Barb Waters

ACE Personal Trainer
“I was very pleased with my session and still feel the positive effects from that day. Barb’s ability to tune into the body’s energy flow was amazing. After just one session, I felt a more balanced body alignment, increased mobility and very energized. I’m still feeling these positive effects one month later.”   Linda Peterson

Graphic Design                                                                                                                                 “Barb has such phenomenal talent.  Her STRONG healing energy has helped me heal not only emotionally but spiritually.  Barb even saw the lotus flower I had created on a 3D printer!” Caryn K.

Soulmates                                                                                                                                           “Our first energy session with you was amazing. As we work through my mare Johnnie’s current medical challenges, I had been tired, worried and frustrated. I was amazed by the calming, cleansing and re-energized sense I had from your session. As for my mare, she was a true partner through it all — standing inches from me (and not on a lead) collaborating with my healing. When it was time for her session, I watched as the energy caused her to stretch, chew and relax into a calm, comfortable state. We will continue these healing sessions going forward because I saw real proof of their power. ”           Sue Racine

Wholeness “Barb was recommended to me by friends and to them, as well as to Barb, I am eternally grateful. I have been seeing Barb for several months now. In that time I have gone from feeling like something is missing within me to feeling whole and positive about myself and about my life’s direction. These results happened early on in our sessions and they continue to grow as we work together every month.” Kim Hokaj

“Barb’s auora excudes warmth, positive energy , healing and gentleness. Her intuitiveness touched me deeply. She was able to help me to focus on my heart chakra and the issues I’ve been struggling with. She saw me on top of a mountain absorbing it’s healing energies. Little did she know that mountain peaks are a special place for me. She taught me how to reach the top of the mountain in spirit and glory in it’s energy( even though my physcial body can’t be there. I felt our hearts connecting and enjoyed the new energy I received from her in just one session . She is truly remarkable.” R.M.

Reiki & EMF Balancing Testimonial
“Barb is an exceptional intuitive healer! She has helped me heal and grow in ways I never could have imagined, and always does so with kindness and a gentle healing touch. Barb has also performed miracles with my horses, who by the way, adore her as much as I do.”   M.L.

Reiki & EMF Balancing Testimonial
“I feel an explosion of joy and gratitude.” C.S.

Group Distance Session
“I don’t know if your session had anything to do with this, but Thunder and I had the best ride ever shortly after your session. Wiley was very happy and calm, and although he usually is, he seemed especially interactive.”  B.R.


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